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Hi, I'm Rob, I'm an electronic and software engineer and have been programming and messing with electronics for over 30 years.

Who am I? I'm the guy that created the Arduino Amiga Disk Reader/Writer project way back in 2017, and recently updated WinUAE to support loading real disks in real time!

My programming experience started at around the Amiga of 10 when my parents purchase an Amiga 500+ for Christmas. After a while I started learning AMOS and the rest is history. (see more)

I have decided that I want to share this knowledge with you and along the way create some interesting projects, hopefully having fun at the same time...

I plan to cover electronics, software (and programming) by creating tutorials and showing you the results for fun, modern systems and retro.

If you have any suggestions then get in touch. If you want to help me, then please consider supporting me on Patreon.

Best wishes, and enjoy the content...